The Emergency Fund is a joint venture led by 学生事务 in close consultation with the Office of 金融援助. Students may request funds for an emergency situation, or for unanticipated and compelling circumstances that jeopardize their ability to successfully continue in school. 学生应急基金s will be provided in the form of grants, 价格从100美元到1美元不等,视需要而定.   

Students may apply for funds when they are experiencing a financial barrier or obstacle, 耗尽了所有其他资源.

Emergency aid is not a substitute for financial aid. Students who are seeking funding will be required to utilize all offered financial aid resources before being awarded emergency funding.

To request funding, please complete the online emergency funds application funds form. This form will be forwarded automatically to members of the 学生事务 and 金融援助 offices. Each request will be reviewed, and the student will be notified of a funding decision and next steps.  

被认为是 符合条件的,学生必须:

  • 是目前登记.  
  • Demonstrate financial hardship due to an emergency, or for unanticipated and compelling circumstances that jeopardize the student’s ability to successfully continue in school. 
  • Consider and utilize other sources of funding as appropriate, 比如推荐的学生贷款, unless not available in a sufficiently timely manner.

将会考虑的费用 包括但不限于: 

  • 紧急医疗费用.
  • Replacement costs of essential personal belongings in the event of fire, theft or natural disaster that are not covered by insurance.
  • Travel in the case of the death or serious illness of a family member.
  • Temporary support costs for a student in a dangerous situation due to threats or acts of violence.
  • Individually-recommended or required services that are considered critical to a student’s success, 例如, 可访问资源的诊断测试.
  •  Overdue utility bills reaching a turn-off notice.
  • Support for emergency dependent-related expenses, 例如, child care.  

不会被考虑的费用 如下:

  • 学费, 费用, 房间, 董事会, 书, and other standard expenses associated with attending Arcadia University.
  • Non-essential personal bills such as: current utility, credit card, cable, cell-phone, etc. • 停车 tickets, library fines, or other expenses mistakenly incurred.
  •  选修课程的费用, 娱乐, 娱乐, non-emergency travel and other non-essential expenses.
  • More than one emergency request per year (grant and loan).

Applicants must complete all questions in full and submit supporting documentation as the situation allows.


Completed applications are reviewed by members of 学生事务 and the Office of 金融援助. Someone from 学生事务 will respond to emergency application submissions within two business days of receipt.

The maximum emergency aid allocation to a student will be $1,000 per emergency request. Generally, payment is made to vendors or another third party (e.g., utility company, medical provider, airline) and not to the student. Payment will be distributed as soon as possible but will depend upon many factors, including whether that vendor is available to the College accounts payable system. In limited cases, payment may be made directly to the student.

Funds disbursed through the Emergency Fund may affect the students’ aid package. The Emergency Fund is not a substitute for financial aid. Students who are seeking funding will need to complete all required Financial aid forms and that their aid record must be in good standing. The Office of 金融援助 will work directly with emergency aid applicants to determine the effect of the award, 如果有任何, 对他们的援助.

另外, emergency funding may create a taxable event that could require reporting to the IRS by the recipient.