The history of binary options trading

The history of binary options  trading

Binary options are one of the most popular types of online trading. They became popular in the past few years because of the simplicity of the concept and the ease of use. People tend to think that binary options are a new product based on new technologies which enabled quick and simple trading, but they are often wrong. Binary options have been around for many years now. Here we will shed some light on the beginnings of binary options trading.

Early beginnings

Average trader got to know himself with the concept of binary options in the year 2008 when the US Securities and Exchange Commission gave the approval for exchange trading. Binary options have expanded exponentially since then. However, the idea of binary options trading was around much earlier. binary-options-768x513Back then, these forms of trading were available only to the largest institutional traders. These traders could access this type of trading through the over-the-counter market. As you can see, only the trades with the deepest pockets could participate in binary options trading.

It was 2007 when the Options Clearing Commission gave the green light and advised for binary options trading made available to the public. The SEC above later allowed binary options as an investment instrument. Soon enough, the Chicago Board Options Exchange offered binary options to the wide audience.


correctrade-guide-to-make-moneyAt the initial stages, binary options were still a bit complicated and foreign to retail traders. At first, only the call option was available to trade, but later on, two main reasons influenced the boom of binary options trading. One of them was the wider selection of binary options types offered, and the other were great improvements of the software. The whole concept of binary trading was thus made simple and approachable. Also, binary trading made its way into forex trading and, soon enough, became extremely popular.

Binary options today

Nowadays, binary options are a well-developed and advanced trading platform. They offer the possibility to choose the amount of money you wish to invest, as well as to know the strike price and the expiration period in advance. Insurance is also on the table because you can purchase a policy to insure a lower payout percentage. In exchange, the trader loses only a fraction of his investment if the option does not turn to be a success when the expiration period arrives.

Another good thing about binary option is the fact they offer trading many different types of assets, ranging from commodities to stock and currency. Contracts are also available in many different forms and expiration periods may last from mere minutes to weeks and even years. Some hedge funds concentrate exclusively on binary options.Before, binary options were only accessible to specialized brokers. Nowadays, there are many reliable platforms for online binary trading, one of them being Millionaire Blueprint. Our prediction is that binary options trading will continue to grow in the future and attract an even greater number of traders.


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Binary options basic facts and advantages

Binary options basic facts and advantages

Every internet trader with a trace of self-respect has heard of binary options trading by now. Binary options were developed in the last couple of years and taken the world by storm. Now, they represent a leading method of online trading and a source of income for millions of users around the world. But, what is it that makes binary options so successful? We will explain in detail in the following couple of paragraphs.

Main advantages of binary options

There are several reasons why binary options prove to be superior over traditional, dare we say, outdated methods of online trading. If you are an experienced online trader and have not switched to binary trading by now, reading this article is sure to change your mind. You will quickly understand all there is to now about binary options and will be trading in no time.


kapitalizaciya-vklada_3Unlike Forex or other online trading platforms, binary options are simple and easy to use. Binary trading is oriented towards inexperienced traders who seek a simple and approachable platform to learn about online trading and to make a little profit while at it. Many features make binary options user-friendly, like demo accounts, live chats, and informative videos. And, most importantly, all of the decision makings will involve only two outcomes when it comes to binary trading. No more complicated things like leverages, magnitudes of price movement or other fancy financial terms.

Multitude of assets

graph3-1Binary options allow trading an abundance of assets. You will quickly learn to trade in assets ranging from coffee to grain, from shares to stock. The variety of options that lay ahead of you allows you to learn more and to diversify your risks significantly. This way you can control and reduce the amount of risk you are willing to take upon yourself.

Designed for beginners

Even if binary options are the best way for an amateur trader to get started in the financial trading business, many seasoned and experienced trades use it also. The design is straightforward and simple but will also be very tempting to veterans in the business. You can work your way up from the simple call and put trades to exotic options where there is a variety of trades available. Later on, once you have mastered the art of binary options trading, greater risks, and greater awards await.

The certainty of risk

%ec%98%a8%eb%9d%bc%ec%9d%b8%ec%88%98%ec%b6%9c%ec%a7%80%ec%9b%90While using binary options websites like, for instance,Top 10 Binary Apps, you are constantly aware of the amount of risk ahead of you. Binary options allow you to understand and control the risks, so you are always on top of the game. You know exactly how big your investment is, at any moment while trading, and how much you can lose in the trade.

The thrill factor

Binary options are quick and fast paced. The y are inherently unpredictable. But this is what makes them exciting and interesting! Thanks to this entertaining aspect of binary options, traders choose to learn more and develop their trading skills.


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