How Are Dark Pools Different From Regular Stock Exchanges?

As you know, stock exchanges offer a platform to the primary markets where various public organizations raise capital by converting the investor’s saving into productive ventures. Unlike stock exchanges, investing public cannot access dark pools. Because of their complete lack of transparency, they are also called dark pools of liquidity. But dark pools are vulnerable to conflicts of interest by the traders due to lacking transparency. Dark pools are primarily used by investors for block trading, as they do not prefer to impact the market with their orders and obtaining adverse prices.

This lack of transparency can actually favor an investor as it can result in a better price. There is no order book visible to the public since investors participating in a dark pool do not reveal the intention of their trading to the exchange before executing it. In dark pool, there is a better chance for an institutional seller to get a buyer for the full share block since large investors participate in it. There is also a possibility of the price improving.

To buy pension funds and mutual funds, one can get pricing and cost advantages through dark pools. Eventually, the investor who owns the fund gets the benefits. Dark Pools do not require paying any exchange fees and hence transaction costs are lower. Fincrowd App is an auto trading platform that can help you to earn using a dark pool and make a huge profit.

Types of Dark Pools

There are mainly three types of dark pools. They are the following:

  • Broker dealer owned: In this case, large brokers and dealers set up dark pools for clients. They also involve proprietary traders of their own. There is an element of price discovery since the prices of these dark pools are derived by themselves from the order flow. Here are some examples of dark pools including Goldman Sachs’ Sigma X, Credit Suisse’s Cross Finder, Morgan Stanley’s MS Pool, Citi Cross and Citi Match.
  • Agency broker/exchange-owned: Such types of dark pools do not act as principals but act as agents. There is no price discovery since the price is derived from exchanges. Some of the agency broker dark pool examples include Liquidnet, Instinet, ITG Posit. And some examples of dark pools that are exchange owned are NYSE Euronext and BATS Trading.
  • Electronic market makers: Independent operators operating as principals for their trading accounts offer such dark pools. There is a price discovery just like the broker-dealer owned dark pools.
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The history of binary options trading

The history of binary options  trading

Binary options are one of the most popular types of online trading. They became popular in the past few years because of the simplicity of the concept and the ease of use. People tend to think that binary options are a new product based on new technologies which enabled quick and simple trading, but they are often wrong. Binary options have been around for many years now. Here we will shed some light on the beginnings of binary options trading.

Early beginnings

Average trader got to know himself with the concept of binary options in the year 2008 when the US Securities and Exchange Commission gave the approval for exchange trading. Binary options have expanded exponentially since then. However, the idea of binary options trading was around much earlier. binary-options-768x513Back then, these forms of trading were available only to the largest institutional traders. These traders could access this type of trading through the over-the-counter market. As you can see, only the trades with the deepest pockets could participate in binary options trading.

It was 2007 when the Options Clearing Commission gave the green light and advised for binary options trading made available to the public. The SEC above later allowed binary options as an investment instrument. Soon enough, the Chicago Board Options Exchange offered binary options to the wide audience.


correctrade-guide-to-make-moneyAt the initial stages, binary options were still a bit complicated and foreign to retail traders. At first, only the call option was available to trade, but later on, two main reasons influenced the boom of binary options trading. One of them was the wider selection of binary options types offered, and the other were great improvements of the software. The whole concept of binary trading was thus made simple and approachable. Also, binary trading made its way into forex trading and, soon enough, became extremely popular.

Binary options today

Nowadays, binary options are a well-developed and advanced trading platform. They offer the possibility to choose the amount of money you wish to invest, as well as to know the strike price and the expiration period in advance. Insurance is also on the table because you can purchase a policy to insure a lower payout percentage. In exchange, the trader loses only a fraction of his investment if the option does not turn to be a success when the expiration period arrives.

Another good thing about binary option is the fact they offer trading many different types of assets, ranging from commodities to stock and currency. Contracts are also available in many different forms and expiration periods may last from mere minutes to weeks and even years. Some hedge funds concentrate exclusively on binary options.Before, binary options were only accessible to specialized brokers. Nowadays, there are many reliable platforms for online binary trading, one of them being Millionaire Blueprint. Our prediction is that binary options trading will continue to grow in the future and attract an even greater number of traders.


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Binary options strategy

Binary options strategy

Binary options are simple, quick and easy to learn. However, employing a well-thought strategy may increase your odds at achieving a profit. Of course, you have to stand on the ground with both feet and understand that there is no certainty of success and that even the best strategies are not bullet proof.

Is there a guaranteed binary options strategy?

No matter what shady advisers and internet websites tell you, there is no 100% guaranteed success in binary trading.No strategy can bring profit all the time. Every single one of them has a flaw, an inherent weak point which makes it imperfect. The mathematical models employed to develop a strategy rely on statistical data and probabilities. It is up to you to the decide which strategy you will choose to follow.

You may choose to strictly adhere to the tenets of a certain binary options strategy or to tweak the rules as you see fit. Either way, you have to understand that success is not guaranteed. Keep in mind that luck is always a key factor in trading. Much like Luck is decisive in life, too.

What types of strategies are there?

There are two main types of binary options strategies. The first category of strategies is founded on betting models. The two main aspects these strategies are based on are the amount investment patterns and the timing of investments. does-minimum-deposit-means-minimum-riskThis way, profit is generated regardless of the amount of experience or education the user has. The strategy is to follow the pre-set pattern and hit the specific moments in time when to invest. The profit then comes as a consequence of following the rules of the strategy.

The other category is based on the prediction. The job of the user is to follow the statistics and the technical evidence. Based on this data, the user can correctly predict the specific circumstances needed for the market to go on the way or the other. This may sound very complicated, but there are methods which allow quick and simple ways to interpret the graphs. Binary trading then becomes a much easier game.

The simple strategy

The first example falls into the second category described above. This one is based on the assumption that financial markets have certain tendencies. There are empirical data which acknowledge this. Since there is a rule of thumb that the market will correct itself after a movement in a certain direction, the expected movement in the next time frame is the opposite direction. Of course, this is not a law of finance, and there are many instances when the market does not follow this pattern.

Binary options robots

unnamedNowaday, traders and software engineers work in common to develop algorithms based on market analysis tools. They can relatively accurately predict the trades to look out for, after scanning the market tendencies. The job of the user is only to decide whether to go for the trade or not..One of these highly specialized robots is the Quick Cash System  auto trading platform.

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Binary options myths and misconceptions

Binary options myths and misconceptions

One of the first thing you will hear from people who have never been in touch with binary options is: „Are binary options profitable?“. So, can you make money on binary options – click here to find out. Experience shows that it is possible and that it is common for every single trader to run into trouble on the market and suffer a loss. The old saying goes that it is best to learn from your mistakes. However, profits are also very possible. All you have to do is put some effort to it, study and work and success are almost guaranteed. All you need more is a little bit of luck, just like in life in general.

Common binary options myths

Although Binary options are a relatively young financial trading tool, they are already a very popular platform for online trading. The growing popularity of binary options has led to the formation of many myths that can sometimes mislead and confuse people. Here we will try to explain what stands behind these myths.

Binary options mean easy money

german-brokerThis is a total misconception. Even if we take into account the fact that binary options trading is easy to learn and use and also very user-friendly, this only explains the way they work. It is easy to use binary options, but it is not that easy to make money on binary trading. You have to invest a lot of time into learning, gaining experience and developing your strategy which can generate profit. c9bd6ac1e49004bd923ca7289eefcb06This will mean a lot of work and effort. But, once you master the skill of analyzing the market and interpreting the signs the right way, success will be just around the corner for you to grab.

Binary options are complicated

Many people have told you that binary options are difficult to understand and use. A total opposite of the first myth, this one is based on the experiences of people who simply did not invest enough of their own time into the endeavor. Even if it may sound or be difficult to read financial markets, everybody with the right mind and enough willpower can do it. People who deal with binary options are not doctors of sciences, just guys who wanted to learn something new. The only thing you need to understand is that t your job is to learn and grow and that binary options are a good way to achieve financial stability.

Binary options only work with a lot of money

binary-options-millionareSome might think that binary options are reserved for rich people who can allow themselves to invest much more money than regular, working class people. This is not true. Minimum deals in binary trading start at a mere 1$! You can start from the rock bottom and work your way upwards with minimal amounts of money. All it takes is persistence and the will to learn. Then your first 1$ dollar trade will be only the first step on the road to great profits.

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Binary options basic facts and advantages

Binary options basic facts and advantages

Every internet trader with a trace of self-respect has heard of binary options trading by now. Binary options were developed in the last couple of years and taken the world by storm. Now, they represent a leading method of online trading and a source of income for millions of users around the world. But, what is it that makes binary options so successful? We will explain in detail in the following couple of paragraphs.

Main advantages of binary options

There are several reasons why binary options prove to be superior over traditional, dare we say, outdated methods of online trading. If you are an experienced online trader and have not switched to binary trading by now, reading this article is sure to change your mind. You will quickly understand all there is to now about binary options and will be trading in no time.


kapitalizaciya-vklada_3Unlike Forex or other online trading platforms, binary options are simple and easy to use. Binary trading is oriented towards inexperienced traders who seek a simple and approachable platform to learn about online trading and to make a little profit while at it. Many features make binary options user-friendly, like demo accounts, live chats, and informative videos. And, most importantly, all of the decision makings will involve only two outcomes when it comes to binary trading. No more complicated things like leverages, magnitudes of price movement or other fancy financial terms.

Multitude of assets

graph3-1Binary options allow trading an abundance of assets. You will quickly learn to trade in assets ranging from coffee to grain, from shares to stock. The variety of options that lay ahead of you allows you to learn more and to diversify your risks significantly. This way you can control and reduce the amount of risk you are willing to take upon yourself.

Designed for beginners

Even if binary options are the best way for an amateur trader to get started in the financial trading business, many seasoned and experienced trades use it also. The design is straightforward and simple but will also be very tempting to veterans in the business. You can work your way up from the simple call and put trades to exotic options where there is a variety of trades available. Later on, once you have mastered the art of binary options trading, greater risks, and greater awards await.

The certainty of risk

%ec%98%a8%eb%9d%bc%ec%9d%b8%ec%88%98%ec%b6%9c%ec%a7%80%ec%9b%90While using binary options websites like, for instance,Top 10 Binary Apps, you are constantly aware of the amount of risk ahead of you. Binary options allow you to understand and control the risks, so you are always on top of the game. You know exactly how big your investment is, at any moment while trading, and how much you can lose in the trade.

The thrill factor

Binary options are quick and fast paced. The y are inherently unpredictable. But this is what makes them exciting and interesting! Thanks to this entertaining aspect of binary options, traders choose to learn more and develop their trading skills.


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Are binary options a good investment?

Are binary options a good investment?

The concept of trading is as old as civilization is. It was always a common practice to buy cheap and sell for later on; this is how traders make their living. However, modern technology has sped up the whole process drastically and even simplified it so many more people have access to it. As more and more people get involved in binary options trading, more of them expect to make some money on their investment. But are binary options a good investment? And do they pay off in the long term? Here we will try to explain the basic idea of binary options so you can decide whether to invest or not.

Risk is inherent

There is no 100% safe investment. The same is with binary options. Any website that promises success and guarantees profit is the site you should keep away from. Go for the brokers which you know are reliable and legitimate. When it comes to risks involved, binary options might sound very tempting when people present them as a simple and easy way to make money trading. binaryoptions_1_0The truth is that risk is present in binary options just like with any other form of trading. The only difference is that binary options are based on the 50/50 concept of trading. You either win or lose the amount that is already agreed before the trade.

Play it safe

Binary options are a legitimate form of trading. Just like buying and selling oil, gold or grain, you can do the same with binary options. The only difference is that you have to predict the price of these assets. You do not own them at any moment in time. If you decide you are up for it, contact a good broker here who will explain everything and get you into the game. Be sure you deal only with brokers who are subject to regulation.

Should I go for it?

strategy-2-1Only if you put enough time and effort into it. You can expect a profit from binary options trading, of course, but you will need to learn and to work for it. And luck will not hurt you, too. The more focus you have and the more time you invest into learning about binary trading, the more success you will have. Of course, there will be a lot of obstacles ahead of you, and you will have to learn how to handle risk. You must not be tempted by promises of big bonuses and huge returns. Traders who risk a lot often lose a lot. Our advice is to learn and then play.


Binary options are a form of online trading designed to be used by people without knowledge of the basic laws of economy and the stock market. But this does not mean there are no things to learn and that you only rely on luck to win. Binary options can bring a profit, but, like most good things in life, it will come after hard work.


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